Dominated by the Langtang Himalayas this valley trek is relatively short but one which the trial, at altitudes of under 4000m,except for sunrise climb up to tserko Ri at 5000m,runs through rhododendron and Bamboo forests along thundering waterfas,and under stunning snow capped mountains. This diverse trek also introduces the Buddhists culture of Tamang and Sherpas people.The ancient monatery of Kyanjin Gompa,situated near Tserko upholds this tradition.The trek passes through Langtang  National Park,ensuring pristine countryside and flora and fauna,Yak pastures,Himalayan pheasants,Himalayan deer, Himalayan Bears,monkeys,and the elasive red panda are native to this region. Another mai feature of the trek is it leads you through the Kyanjin Gompa which is rich with monasteries and famous for the cheese factory thereby. One can explore the cultural diversity thereby the trail specially the traditions, culture, customs and practices of Tamangs. The wildlife of different faunas and floras can be experienced during the trek which is quite rare of a kinds and the overall trek will be the best trek one can have experienced.