This trek is mainly intended to capture the magnificence and wonderful views as well as cultural diversities found in Nepal during the trek. The trek is especially for the professional photographers and wonders of nature seekers who have much interest in nature photography and they prefer to frame them or capture the nostalgic moments. You will have a lot of time and space during your trek to capture the environment during the trial. The trail is same as the Annapurna Base Camp trekking trial where you will get to discover the amazing scenic views of the highest mountains and explore the beauty of the nature throughout the whole trek trial. You will have plenty of time to explore the beauty of nature throughout the trek and also capture every moment’s weather for personal use or professional use. During the trekking trail you will be totally amazed by the experience you will have throughout the trek as you will get to witness the highest mountains, untouched pure nature and wildlife as well as floras.

 Annapurna is a massif in the Himalayan in the north central Nepal an elevation of 8091m.The journey goes through the most remote villages of Nepal and welcomed by the locals of the region.  You can capture the moments with people and also their cultural record their traditional practices. The trial is followed by the lush green forests which will bend your mind and scenery snow covered White Mountains with fine views. Annapurna base camp photography trek is one of the most commendable trek in the world as you will get to cross the most wonderful peaks of Annapurna ranges which is spectacularly amazing and breathtaking. The trek starts from the one of the most popular and beautiful city Pokhara where you can explore many amazing things and follows through the ethnic villages of Magars and Gurungs. You can take the pictures of most amazing lakes which will be memorable. The lushness of Rhododendron woodland and beautiful landscapes will leave you jaw dropping experience. Overall the main significance of this trek is that you will get as plenty of time as you need to explore and feel every bit of beauty and windedness of the trekking period and have it captured however you want and have a very amazing life time experience.

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